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Enjoy the journey

Maxfield Ortho for the win

We’re done!  Retainers are in place.  Follow up visit in 10 weeks.  We are celebrating with Mt Dew, caramel in candy bars, and popcorn.  All those things she’s done without for the last 3+ years. Beautiful smile!

July 21, 2016 0

Braces, round 2, without headgear!

Our Bookwyrm went for her second round of braces at the beginning of the month.  Luckily for her, no headgear with this set.  We’re using a different orthodontist this time, we like him much better.  The availability is much more open.  And so far (3 weeks later) nothing has broken.

January 21, 2014 0

New Headgear (finally) for Bookwyrm’s Braces

Our Bookwyrm went to the orthodontist today for an update and to get her beautiful headgear. Braces haven’t changed too much in the 30 years or so since my step-sister wore some, but the headgear sure looks much simpler. Bookwyrm has to wear this contraption for at least 14 hours a day.  Luckily she’s homeschooled…
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July 2, 2012 0