I Hope You find Me

Note:  I tried to dictate this blog post to my tablet.  It was a terrible experience.  The voice recognition couldn’t understand “It’s not often,” and “dystopia,” just to name a few words.  So if you have a recommend on a free Android app that works with a Bluetooth system, please let me know.

Now, on to the book review.

It is not often that a book makes you think about it for weeks after you read it.  “I Hope You Find Me,” is about a woman who, after an international tragedy, is only one of about a dozen humans left living in San Diego.  That is pretty incredible death rate in just a few weeks, since in 2013 there were 1.4 million people in the metro area.

I liked the story as a whole, and on Amazon I gave it three stars of five, only because the two things that really mattered to me about the story were left unanswered (this is book one of a series, so maybe these details get revealed later).

The author leaves a lot of unanswered questions about how the woman survived the plague. What events led up to such a dangerous disease spreading as to kill almost all of the world’s citizens?  In “Night of the Purple Moon,” by Scott Cramer, it’s obvious that an event beyond human control has happened (moon knocked out of orbit).  In “Partials” we find out that human experiments have caused the huge death rate.   I am left wondering, one – what caused the plague, two – what helped her to survive when everyone else in her life died, and three – how will the survivors settle in their situation?

I don’t know if ghost (there is another word the voice dictation didn’t like) is the right word, or perhaps zombies should be used to describe the strange things Riley sees.  There are about a dozen encounters with these apparitions, and I’m left wondering why even include them?  Other than causing me to almost delete the book from my Kindle reader, they don’t seem to really move the story, other than an excuse to move out of San Diego.  I don’t like thriller books, but by the time they encounter the brother and sister in downtown, I was curious enough to push through the weird stuff to find out how Riley and Conner manage to survive.

I’d still read it, if for nothing else than to set my mind going with the “what ifs.”  Also, the romance scenes were clean enough I was not embarrassed by them at work, they were clean enough I’d let my teenager read.

But as LaVar Burton says on Reading Rainbow… Don’t take my word for it.  Amazon still has this as free for Kindle as of the writing of this post.

2015’s Salt Lake Comic Con!!!!!

Salt Lake Comic Con is almost here. It is on September 24, 25, and 26. For now we are waiting as patiently as we can, but it may be tricky. So planning on favorites is a good way to make time go by. I am making my list of who I am excited to see, and really want to see.

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2015 Star Wars Final Weekend

Star Tours Star Wars Weekend 2015
A guy very similar to this sat with us during our Star Tours ride.

We had a blast attending the last weekend of the 2015 Star Wars Weekends. There were so many once-in-a-lifetime happenings. Did you know the Star Tours ride has several different beginnings and endings? On our trip through as a family, who should sit in the back of the shuttle with us then a very well known Rebel Spy (young man, blond, with a white desert outfit).

Our Snuggles cooling off at the Rebel Hanger.
Our Snuggles cooling off at the Rebel Hanger.

We also ate at the Rebel Hanger, a very nicely themed pub right next to the Jedi Training Academy.

And speaking of the Academy… that girl there on the left has graduated from the Academy and is an official Padawan!  She and her class challenged Darth Vader himself and drove him away from the Academy.

Actually, we stood in line starting before 8:00 am on Friday afternoon to secure her a spot in the dozen classes through the day.  She arrived for actual training at 6:00 pm which included being fitted for her robe and attaining her training light sabre (very similar to the one’s we already had).  Then the kids were marched across the square to the stage.

Our Padawan Snuggles fighting one-on-one against Darth Vader
Our Padawan Snuggles fighting one-on-one against Darth Vader
Gaining her diploma for finishing Padawan Training at Star Wars Weekends 2015
Gaining her diploma for finishing Padawan Training at Star Wars Weekends 2015

The weekend ended on Sunday with some great fun.  We saw the 501st Legion marching in a parade celebrating the end of the weekend as we came out of the Rebel Hanger from lunch.

star-wars-weekends2015Then finally there were tons of fireworks and a great celebration of the past, present, and future of Star Wars.  It was hosted by the voice of Obi-Wan from the cartoon, James Arnold Taylor.  I giggled a lot during it because he kept loosing his accent, he seemed so excited.

We did see a preview of the costumes for the new Storm Troopers in the new movies – awesome!  It’s very classic white/black and you can recognize it, but it has it’s own personality that really updates it for Star Wars VII.

We can’t wait!


Enjoy the journey