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The real sugar versus high fructose corn syrup

real sugar dr pepper
Heritage Dr Pepper Made with Real Sugar

My mom, Pat, used to lament about how soda didn’t taste the same as it used to.  I thought it was all “olden-days” talk until this week.  I went to Macey’s grocery store in Orem to get an early breakfast. As I was walking to the apples I saw a display for “Heritage Dr Pepper”.  That caught my eye so I detoured over to the isle.  There was old-fashioned Dr Pepper in 12 packs with the old 10-2-4 logo and “Made with Real Sugar” on the side.  I immediately picked up a box.  With that and my apple I went to check-out.

In the car I opened a can.  The store had been super cool, and the drink was perfect temperature.  And the taste of real sugar is amazing.  I now know what my mom was talking about.  Real sugar is so much better tasting then high fructose corn syrup.  I know soda companies use it because it’s cheaper, but I think the real sugar should always be an option.

The 12-pack was gone in a few days.  I plan to go back tomorrow to get a few more boxes.  That should work for “food storage” right?  Not that it will last!

Our favorite Mexican restaurant

One of the jobs I do is a local marketing campaign for Nacho’s Libre Mexican Restaurant.  On Friday Nacho (yes, that’s his name) started offering an all-you-can-eat buffet.  On Saturday we stopped by (live music after 6:00) to give it a try.Salt Lake City mexican buffet.  Flauta

These are are flautas.  I think they are my new favorite.  They have a beef mixture and a thick, crispy shell made more like a bread than a tortilla.  Since my favorite sandwich is a carne asada torte, this meal could be a sister.  I had several of these, and taquitos, and even some mole (a bit spicy for my gringa flavors)

All You Can Eat Mexican Buffet.  Curtis' second helping. Another family favorite when we eat at Nacho’s is the sea food fajita (fajita del mar).  This was on the buffet too. I love our Bookwyrm, she dived right into the shrimp, then found out it’s a bit hot in flavor from red pepper flakes!  She quickly gave it over to Dad to eat.

One thing we hadn’t had before was the tamale.  That was very good.  Of course there are Nacho’s rice & beans on the buffet, as well as some deserts.  All in all, very enjoyable and we are glad to be working with him.


Mexican Stuffed Peppers

This is a recipe we came up with as a very mild version of Chile Rellenos.  I happen to be a big fan of a good Chile Relleno, but my girls don’t care for spicy food.  As with any new recipe it took a little practice to get the flavor exactly where we wanted it, especially the texture of the peppers themselves.  This recipe takes about 40 minutes total to cook, but about 10 minutes is actually spent in the kitchen preparing.  Cooking time of the peppers will vary depending on your desired texture.  Modify as needed to fit your family’s needs.


1 lb beef or chicken
1 10oz can of enchilada sauce
4 bell peppers (red and/or green, depending on your preference)
Red Onion (if desired) for taste
Shredded Cheese (we prefer cheddar, but you can use any cheese)
Sliced Olives (if desired) for taste
Sour Cream (if desired ) for taste
Salsa (if desired) for taste.

Tools Needed:

Frying Pan
Cookie Sheet
Aluminum Foil (optional, but makes clean up easy)


Slice meat into either cubes or slices.

Gringo peppers stage 2
Chicken and Onion in enchalada sauce
Gringo peppers stage 1
Our green & red peppers ready to be filled

Thoroughly cook meat and saute red onion.
After meat is cooked, add enchilada sauce and reduce heat to simmer, stirring so that sauce is mixed evenly.
Wash and remove seeds from peppers.  Slice in half vertically, leaving plenty of open space within the pepper halves to fill later.
If you are using aluminum foil, line your cookie sheet with one sheet of aluminum foil.
Evenly space pepper halves on cookie sheet.
Heat oven to 350 degrees.
Fill each pepper half with meat-onion-sauce mixture.
Bake peppers on cookie sheet for about 30 minutes (depending on desired texture).
Remove peppers from oven, cover with cheese, olives, sour cream,  salsa or other desired additions.

Serve and Enjoy!

Gringo peppers final stage
Out of the oven, adding cheese. Melt cheese if desired.


If you like hot peppers, feel free to use a different kind to stuff.  Christi suggests, if you don’t like enchilada sauce, feel free to experiment with other flavors.  Salsa or pico perhaps? Stay tuned for a tin-foil wrapped version of this for camping!