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Xeriscape project 99.9% finished

A bit of history.  For those of you that don’t know, 1989-1991 were bad years in Northern California.  We had a terrible drought.  We stopped flushing.  We used our bath water to water the garden, it was conserve, conserve, don’t use!  So when

xeriscape, xeriscaping, salt lake city
Taken in the spring of 2010 before we started xeriscaping, you can see the parking strip near the cars.

I see huge swaths of green grass, for no purpose other than look, I get rather disappointed.

Here in Utah it’s even worse.  We are in the middle of a desert!  While we have huge mountains to our east, and we have quite a bit of run-off from snow pack, we are using stored water by July.  So each time you water your grass you are wasting water that needs to be used for cooking, drinking, or cleaning.

When we bought this house nearly 4 years ago, we decided the huge grass and weed parking strip had to go.  We just couldn’t decide what to do with it.  First year we dug it up.  But it’s about 22′ x 30′.  It’s too big to manage.  And Salt Lake City has an ordinance it has to be 30% green.  So the second year we let the grass and weeds grow back.  Then last year we contacted the city and had 2 trees planted.  Gave us a reason to mulch big areas around the trees, but still left a big amount of grass and weeds to water.

So this year we did it.  We laid down some ground fabric and started placing some cement paving stones.  We couldn’t just do a geometric pattern though.  We had to do something that reflected our personalities.  I hope our home owners insurance representative likes it.  /smile!

Xeriscaping project final
21′ x 13′ of ground we don’t have to water now.

There are 21 rows and 13 columns.  We are short one red block still (one broke after being laid down).  The blocks were a little over $1 each, but with the 10% off coupon from Sutherlands, it was an affordable project.  And now I have less to water out front!  And less for our Bookwyrm to mow.

2013 Garden Update

I haven’t written much about gardening this year.  Not being home during the day has slowed me down.  I still failed at growing radishes and beets.  The pumpkins I didn’t plan on planting are doing well.  And of all things, I got a tomato plant and it’s doing well.

Here is the update

Rose bush to east of house near door

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Wish list for the garden (growing vegetables in Utah)

Now that I’ve learned some things about gardening in Utah, it’s time to think about next year.The Baum Family pumpkin patch has grown out under the mail box

  • Pumpkins don’t belong in the raised containers.  The plants are just too big.  Maybe growing pumpkins in the parking strip? Definitely not near the mail box.
  • Beets and radishes need be be grown early.  I think the problem growing beets was our spring was warm as it was this year, they failed.  Maybe they need to be in the west box this time? maybe I’ll try that for my thoughts on September planting if we don’t get the rain gutter garden set up.
  • Need to find 2 types of plants that like shade for the west box.  The cherry tree gives too much shade in garden. Perhaps carrots and herbs.
  • I want to try to grow bell peppers and freeze sweet bell pepper for the winter.  Cut them up and place them on a cookie sheet.  Put in deep freeze for 2 hours.  Transfer to a ziploc freezer bag for long term storage.
  • We need to build a raised box or highly fertilize the dirt on the south side of the parking strip.  Corn there.  Definitely.  Bookwyrm will have her braces off (pray) for next summer!
  • Lemongrass.  We have tons of bugs and need some.  Grow lemongrass along the sidewalk perhaps to help keep them away.  Or grow lemongrass along the fence?
  • Never rely on information from one website.  Look at several before making a decision.
  • Asparagus isn’t harvested for 2 years.  bah.
  • Next year, Watermelon!