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Girl Scout National Convention part 2

Of all the things to find at Girl Scouts of America National Convention, Animal Jam was not on my list.  Created by National Geographic, it is an online game that has various levels of participation.  There is free to play and various subscription levels. The amusing thing is that the call center for Smart Bomb Interactive, the creators of the game, is here in Salt Lake City on North Temple. Their building has a view of the Salt Palace Convention Center where the Girl Scout National Convention was held!

So, what is Animal Jam?  Well, if I just looked at the computers in my house I’d say it was a load of cuteness that really had my daughters hooked.  Doing what, I’m not sure.

On their website, “Animal Jam is a safe and exiting online playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors.”  Yep, that sounds like my kids!  I know Snuggles has a grand house for her animals and Bookwyrm has a lot of the currency.  They have friends around the neighborhood that they can chat with.

Parent Alert!  Do make a parent account.  Do be in the know about who your kids are interacting with.  There is a lovely audio commercial on the radio about underage drinking.  It has lovely sound bites of a quiet serene landscape… that is what your kids hear if you don’t tell them underage drinking is against your rules.  Same with the internet.  Be in their faces, know what they are doing and who they are interacting with!  It’s your job as a parent.

Okay, soap box done – but do take what I say seriously!

Now, why would Animal Jam be educational? Activities are related to real world facts about animals.  The Animal Jam Academy is totally free.  Kids have a report on animals?  Here is your resource.

Play nice!  Many games in Animal Jam are collaborative – that means the kids have to cooperate. They get bigger rewards if they work together to complete some activities.

So, why would such a game be at the Girl Scout National Convention? Um, why not?!? Girls ages 5 to 18 are half of their biggest players.  The other half are their brothers, cousins, and friends.  So what was interactive at the Animal Jam in the Hall of Experience?  Everything!

animal-jam3 animal-jam1

What should you name your critter?  Choose one from each dial to complete your name.animal-jam2Animal Jam is releasing a 3D version of their game for iPad and had stations for the girls to play.  Also in the background were films about neat facts of strange animals.