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2015 Star Wars Final Weekend

Star Tours Star Wars Weekend 2015
A guy very similar to this sat with us during our Star Tours ride.

We had a blast attending the last weekend of the 2015 Star Wars Weekends. There were so many once-in-a-lifetime happenings. Did you know the Star Tours ride has several different beginnings and endings? On our trip through as a family, who should sit in the back of the shuttle with us then a very well known Rebel Spy (young man, blond, with a white desert outfit).

Our Snuggles cooling off at the Rebel Hanger.
Our Snuggles cooling off at the Rebel Hanger.

We also ate at the Rebel Hanger, a very nicely themed pub right next to the Jedi Training Academy.

And speaking of the Academy… that girl there on the left has graduated from the Academy and is an official Padawan!  She and her class challenged Darth Vader himself and drove him away from the Academy.

Actually, we stood in line starting before 8:00 am on Friday afternoon to secure her a spot in the dozen classes through the day.  She arrived for actual training at 6:00 pm which included being fitted for her robe and attaining her training light sabre (very similar to the one’s we already had).  Then the kids were marched across the square to the stage.

Our Padawan Snuggles fighting one-on-one against Darth Vader
Our Padawan Snuggles fighting one-on-one against Darth Vader
Gaining her diploma for finishing Padawan Training at Star Wars Weekends 2015
Gaining her diploma for finishing Padawan Training at Star Wars Weekends 2015

The weekend ended on Sunday with some great fun.  We saw the 501st Legion marching in a parade celebrating the end of the weekend as we came out of the Rebel Hanger from lunch.

star-wars-weekends2015Then finally there were tons of fireworks and a great celebration of the past, present, and future of Star Wars.  It was hosted by the voice of Obi-Wan from the cartoon, James Arnold Taylor.  I giggled a lot during it because he kept loosing his accent, he seemed so excited.

We did see a preview of the costumes for the new Storm Troopers in the new movies – awesome!  It’s very classic white/black and you can recognize it, but it has it’s own personality that really updates it for Star Wars VII.

We can’t wait!


Travel plans unseen

Planning a trip is difficult. You have to get the timing right, the places to stay perfect, the transportation coordinated. Add to that some health concerns, some dietary restrictions, and age limitations.

Now, try to do that while keeping it a secret from two VERY precocious children.

We pulled it off! We managed a surprise trip.20150610_222150

20150610_222136 20150610_222154 We drove to Reno, Nevada, on June 5th to see my parents and family. The girls knew about that. They knew we would be driving out there, spending a few days, then driving back on June 10th. Yesterday we surprised them with the second half of their trip. We did drive back to SLC… then we got on a plane and flew to Orlando, Florida, to Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort for 5 days in the Disney Parks.

Not only did we stay at the Parks, but as part of the Youth Education System, both girls are attending Girl Scout events. It is also the last weekend of Star Wars Weekends for 2015 (very cool).

What follow is our adventures for this trip.

Summer haircuts

The kids knew something was up.  Dad offered everyone new haircuts for the summer.  He saw a post on a Facebook group that one member was doing discount haircuts at a salon very close to our house as part of her training.


20150524_100358 20150524_100459







I didn’t give them any guidance, they got to choose their haircuts.


20150524_113243 20150524_113239







They were both very conservative.

Me, not so much, but I knew what was happening in the next few weeks.