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2015’s Salt Lake Comic Con!!!!!

Salt Lake Comic Con is almost here. It is on September 24, 25, and 26. For now we are waiting as patiently as we can, but it may be tricky. So planning on favorites is a good way to make time go by. I am making my list of who I am excited to see, and really want to see.

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FanX 2015 Girl Scout Adventure

Cookie season is going on right now for Utah. And our troop decided to go to FanX. The reason that we went to FanX was to look at the booths and decide on how to make our booth better.

  1. Many of the booths had an overhead piece. One of the artist had it in the form of a castle arch
  2. Several of them had side parts that they could hold their stuff.
  3. Occasionally they had a banner behind them.

And after that we went to a panel that talked about female nerds and how they felt that they could not be geeks. All of the panelists thought that the men were feeling territorial. One of the pieces of advice was to stop caring about what they said.

And all of this happened on Thursday and with Girl Scout Troop 811.